Why many businesses are installing solar systems now


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Why businesses and industries are taking to the commercial solar system over the last 5 years in Gujarat, especially in Ahmadabad, Surat, Baroda, and Mehasana?

Small and midsized businesses and industries across Gujarat have been taking to solar power in a major way. It’s not just homeowners who have been installing solar PV systems, if you were to take a walk around the industrial areas of cities such as Ahmadabad, Baroda, Mehasana, and Surat, you will find that most companies have installed solar power on their premises.

The impetus for this was first given by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, and now the honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, who did everything possible to encourage the growth of solar power in the state.

The first major step was the setting of one of the largest solar power projects in Asia, the Charanka solar park, in the barren Thar Desert. Although PM Modi is no longer directly in charge of Gujarat, the government there has left no stone unturned to make the switch to solar energy as fast and as comprehensive as possible.

As Rahul Munjal of Hero motorcycles says in an interview with The Guardian, “We have a government that is even more bullish than the entrepreneurs.”  Pashupathy Gopalan of SunEdison says, “The Modi factor is very real with solar. He recognizes that not only is solar very clean, it is also very fast to build.”  

So why are businesses and industries across Gujarat taking to solar power? There are many reasons for this.

#1: Savings on power – An average small or midsized business could potentially save up to Rs. 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs a year in power bills by investing in a solar power plant. They will be able to achieve savings over a period of 40 years and the solar plant will pay itself off in just a few years.

#2: High ROI – The return on investment on solar power is impressive. As a business owner, you can expect to get a range of benefits and incentives from the government by installing a solar PV system at your premises. Moreover, banks these days prefer to lend to SMEs that have gone solar in a big way. So you can benefit from the ‘Green” label which is tagged to businesses that go solar. This is great from the branding and marketing perspective.

#3: Long Lasting – Most solar PV systems come with high warranties of 25 to 30 years and can last for many decades, even up to 40 years. Moreover, you don’t have to spend anything on the maintenance of these solar power systems, which is a big advantage. You can certainly take solar power with confidence.

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