Which businesses are installing solar system?


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Which are most common businesses or industries going solar in Gujarat, especially in Ahmadabad, Baroda, Surat, Mahesana and other major cities?

Solar energy is really big in Gujarat thanks to the relentless efforts of the Gujarat government to encourage homeowners and business owners in the state to take to solar power in a big way. It’s not just homeowners who are installing solar PV panels, even small and midsized business owners have taken to solar in a big way.

Here’s a look at the common businesses and industries in Gujarat, especially in the cities of Baroda, Ahmadabad, Surat, Mahesana, and Anand that have installed commercial solar systems on their premises.


Gujarat is, of course, the most industrialized state in India and Gujarati industries is second to none. It’s not just the large companies such as Reliance Industries that are found in Gujarat – there are tens of thousands of small and midsized companies here that have kept the Indian flag flying high, especially in export-oriented sectors such as diamonds, jewelry manufacturing, and textiles.

Most of these industries have heavy machinery such as boilers, steam generation units and so on which require a supply of hot water at an affordable rate. Installing a solar system provides them with a constant supply of hot water, to be used whenever needed. This is just one o the many industrial applications of solar power.


Do you have a hotel in Gujarat? Then you will know how your guests demand to be provided with hot showers and hot tap water at all times. This can be really expensive if you don’t have a solar power system installed on your premises. Many hotels and restaurants in Gujarat have done so already.


Hospitals require hot water on a constant basis for the kitchen, cleaning of the rooms and sterilization of medical equipment. Many hospitals have discovered that installing solar power systems is the way to go. This can reduce the electricity bills to a considerable extent.

Real Estate

Almost all rental properties and residential complexes have installed solar PV systems in Gujarat, especially in the cities of Baroda, Ahmadabad, Surat, Mahesana, and Anand. This has brought down the cost of power to a great extent.

Contact us if you need to know more about the applications of commercial solar power for businesses in Gujarat. We will send the best quotes from three of the best commercial solar companies.