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Can businesses or industries use the land for installing solar systems on the ground? Do they need to get any approval from Local Municipalities or Gujarat government for ground mount solar system? How ground mounts solar system is installed?

To answer the question, can businesses or industries use the land for installing solar systems on the ground, yes, they can. Ground mounted solar systems are very much allowed in Gujarat and the rest of India.

So if you worry about your rooftop not being strong enough structurally to hold a commercial solar system, you can always opt for a ground-mounted solar system.

Now, should you get approvals from the local municipalities or the Gujarat government for installing the ground-mounted solar system? Yes, you do. First, you prove that you have ownership of the land and that there are no disputes over it. Also, if you are installing the solar system on someone else’s land, you have to present a “No Objection” certificate from them

This is not hard to do – the solar company that does the commercial solar installation for you will take care of the paperwork related to the installation of the ground-mounted solar system. This is not a big deal by any means.

How are ground mounted systems installed?

Ground mounted systems are of two types – standard ground mounts and pole mounts. In Standard ground mounts, the panels are held at a fixed angle. The arrays are manually adjusted once in a year or so to capture the highest amount of sunlight possible.

In pole mounts, there are multiple solar panels supported on a single pole. These panels are elevated and are at a higher level of the ground compared to a ground mounted system. They feature tracking systems, which automatically adjusts to the sunlight and tilts the solar panels depending on how it can catch the most amount of sunlight.

Which mounting system you choose is very important. Pole mounts are generally more expensive than the standard ground mounted systems.

We hope you found the information given here useful. It is our aim to bring the most up to date information on commercial solar systems for business owners in Gujarat and the rest of India.

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