Solar System for multi-site and complex buildings


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Can you install Solar Power system at a complex multi-site business property in Gujarat?

Could a solar power system be installed at a corporate center, or at a complex multi-site business property? This is something you will want to know if you have a large business facility spread across many sites and want to have solar power installed for the entire property.

Yes, you can install solar power for all the buildings within the property. This is something the engineers at the solar company are trained to handle. They will inform you about the details when they arrive at your site for an inspection.

As you would know, the different buildings within the property have electric switchboards and sub-boards. So during the solar installation, the engineers make sure each of the buildings is properly connected to the solar PV panels with a cabling system and are equipped with inverters and system monitors.

Installing a solar PV system will certainly help bring down the electricity bill and help you achieve consistent savings over the long term. An average multi-site building facility can save up to Rs. 3 – 5 lakhs every year by installing a solar PV system.

 Here are some of the things to consider when installing such a solar system for your large business facility spread across multiple sites.

How big should the solar system?

 The engineers from the solar company will carry out a detailed load assessment of your facility. They will estimate the open area available on the rooftop of your various buildings and determine the maximum number of solar panels that can be installed.

 How much can you save?

The most important question you will have is how much power are you going to save exactly? What are your savings on the electricity bill going to be? This is hard to say because it depends on the cost of the grid electricity available at your place, which includes the surcharges and other factors. But generally, if you have a large business facility and install a 20 kW solar power system, you can save Rs. 3 to 4 lakh Rupees every year. This is no insignificant number.

What is the payback going to be in the solar system?

You can expect the payback on the solar system to be as little as 3.5 to 4 years even when the warranty runs for 25 years or more. This means you will have no trouble in recouping the value of your investment quickly.

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