Solar System Installation on High rise buildings


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Can you install a Solar system on high rise business properties in Gujarat? Do I need to consider wind load and structural design of the building? Will there be any effect on warranties if the solar system is installed on the high roof?

If you are considering installing a solar panel on high rise building in Gujarat, you should certainly consider the wind load and other factors such as the structural design of the building.

Remember, an average solar panel measures 10 sq. feet. So your solar PV panels need two things – space and direct sunlight. The problem with installing a solar panel on high rise buildings is that space may be limited on top. If this is not the case, then it is possible that the wind conditions might make the solar panels vulnerable to damage.

The best solar companies in Gujarat have a lot of experience working on commercial solar installations on high rise buildings, apartment complexes and so on.

Solar panels can be installed absolutely anywhere, whether it is an on-grid installation where electricity is used or an off-grid installation where there is no supply of electricity from the power grid. Installing solar panels on high rise buildings present a challenge, which has to be tackled the right way.

The first thing the solar engineer who arrives at your location to perform an inspection check is if the roof is capable of bearing the solar panel installation. The roof should be able to bear 10-20 kg of the solar panel per sq. meter. It should not lie in a shadowed part of the high rise building.

How much space you need on the roof will depend on the size of the system you want to install. So for a 1.5kWp system, you will need a roof space of 10 sq. meters at least. Since the solar PV system is modular, you can arrange the panels in a way that is best suited for the roof, without any problem.

The solar engineer will consider the windy conditions at the area. What they will do is to use a much stronger mounting for the solar PV system installation, so that every the harshest wind cannot do any damage. They add an extra layer of protection and make the mount really very strong to add more stability to the installation.

Finally, there is no impact on the warranties if the solar system is installed the roof of a high rise building.

 Contact us to know more about how solar PV system installation is done on high rise buildings. We are happy to send you the best quotes from the 3 leading commercial solar system installers in your area.