Solar System for Concrete Roof


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Can you install Commercial Solar System on a Concrete roof or Metal Roof?  

Metal roofs and concrete roofs are two of the most popular types of roofing systems by most businesses, industries, and factories in Gujarat. So the question is whether you can install a commercial solar system on a concrete roof or metal roof.

The quick answer to that is certainly, yes you can. Both concrete roofs and metal roofs have certain advantages. Concrete roofs are structurally solid and strong enough for any solar installation. They can last you for 50 years or more.

Metal roofs are strong, light, durable, and made from recycled materials, which makes them environmentally friendly. It is easy to install a commercial solar system on a metal roof.

So, how to mount a solar system for businesses on a metal roof or concrete roof?

Basically, the solar installer will first drill holes into the concrete roof. (There is no reason to drill holes in the metal roof.) This allows them to attach the mounting to the solar PV panels.

 The last thing you want is for the solar panel system to be mounted incorrectly, which could lead to leaks in the roofs and structural damage. That is why you have to look for only reputable solar installers and not hire just about anyone.  

 There are two types of roof mounting systems that are popular in India.

 Flat roof solar installation – This is the easiest way to install solar panels on the roofs of commercial and residential buildings. Flat roof solar PV system installations provide a much higher level of flexibility and allow you to orient the solar panels at any angle of your choice with ease so that you can have the highest possible exposure to the sunlight.

Flat roof solar installations are done using three mounting methods…

Ballasts or weights – This method is ideal for low wind conditions. Here you don’t need to bolt the solar panels on the roof; you only need to use weights to hold them in place.

Mechanical attachments – Here the solar panels are mounted on the roof with the help of metal beams. The metal structures keep the solar arrays in position even in windy conditions.

 Hybrid mounting systems – In this technique, a combination of beam and ballasts are used to hold the panels in place, so that they can cling strongly to the roof.

 The other method of roof installation is Pitched roof solar installation.

In Pitched roof solar installation, the installation is done on the angular roof. This is a complex technique as the solar panels need to be held in place at an inclined angle. This method is used to install solar panels on sloping surfaces.

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