Solar Batteries for Commercial Solar systems


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Can I have a battery system installed along with Solar Panels? 

Pairing a battery system with a solar PV system requires very complex engineering. It is not an easy thing to do by any means. The costs are too high and the battery system has many limitations, as the technology is still underdeveloped.

So, the short answer to the question is, it is very difficult to get a battery system installed with the solar PV panels.

Solar panels, you should understand, are not very smart devices. They are in fact very basic in terms of technology. But it is the inverters and the monitoring systems that make them smart by adding to the complexity.

Battery systems are something else altogether. Anyone who controls the battery system should know about the time-of-use rates, consumer preferences, and the demand charges. You will have to consider the smart devices and take into account the multiple rate structures depending on the utility company.

Furthermore, the battery system paired with the solar will require a very complex algorithm in order to work properly. Most solar panel installers are not capable of developing such a battery system themselves.

Clearly, the complexities of installing a battery system for your commercial solar PV system are insurmountable. So don’t expect the local solar PV panel installers that specialize in installations for businesses and industries across Gujarat to install a battery system for you.

However, if you need the solar PV system to be installed in quick time for your business and have any questions about the installation, you are welcome to shoot an email to us. You can address your question to us anytime, any day.

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