Is My Building Suitable for Solar Power?


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Are most commercial and industrial buildings are suitable for solar panel installations in Gujarat? How an existing property roof could be utilized? Should a business property need to upgrade their roof and electricity distribution boards to have a solar system?

Are you a business owner in Gujarat who is considering installing a solar panel system? You should know that most commercial and industrial buildings are suitable for solar power installations in Gujarat.

Gujarat is a state that gets plenty of direct sunlight, so getting solar energy is not a problem here. You can make use of your existing property for the installation of the solar panel.

As for the third question – you don’t really have to make any major upgraded to your roof and don’t need to change your electricity distributor board to have the solar system installed.

A commercial solar power installation does not involve making any significant changes to your existing system apart from a few modifications such as changing the meter. The installer changes your single-directional meter to a bi-directional energy meter, which can measure and record electricity flows in each direction.

This meter tells you how much energy was consumed from the grid and how much excess energy was exported back from the solar system. The installer will replace, reprogram and reconfigure the existing meter so that it is compatible with your solar system.  

 Another question to ask is if you have a roof that is capable of supporting the solar panel. Commercial solar systems are heavier and much bigger than those used for residential purposes and consume much more roof space.

So you want enough roof space for the solar system and you want the construction of the roof to be solid enough to handle the weight of the entire system. Most solar installations come with a warranty of 20 to 25 years. The first thing the solar company checks is the suitability of the rooftop and whether the roof is structurally solid for the installation or not.

You can make substantial improvements to the roof, make it more robust and stronger to handle the solar system or you can have a smaller version of the system or one with fewer solar panels installed. You will be told about this in detail by the engineers sent by the solar company during the inspection.

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