Should I install 50 KW or 100 KW solar system


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Should I install 50 KW or 100 KW System on my business property?

We hear this question all the time – what capacity should the solar power plant that I am installing at my commercial property be – 50 kW or 100 KW?

There are many factors to consider here such as the roof space available, what’s your electricity bill currently, what are the operating hours of your business, how many days in a year does your business operate and what is your energy consumption profile?

Based on these considerations, the Solar PV system engineer and the electrical engineer will design a solar system accordingly. They will tell you whether you need a 50 KW system or a 100 KW system, or something else altogether.

 Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

The Roof Space Available – The amount of roof space available will decide how many solar panels can be installed and hence the energy output. There are other factors to consider such as the trees, adjacent buildings and so on which can reduce the output of the panel.

How Much Power Do You Consume – The solar engineer will check your electricity bill and do their calculations on the number of machinery or equipment at your business property and the amount of energy consumed by them. Based on this, they will design an energy efficient solar PV system that will help you save money on your electricity bill. The higher the power consumption, bigger will be the capacity of the commercial solar system installed.

What are the Operating Hours of Your Business? When does your business operate? If you only have operations at night, then the solar PV system won’t be of much use to you. You can maximize the potential of the solar system by using the solar power during the day and using the power from the electricity grid at night or in dim light conditions.

How Many Days a Year Does the Business Operate? If your business operates throughout the year, then your power consumption is likely to be very high. So installing a solar PV system of a reasonable capacity is a must in this case.

 What is Your Energy Consumption Profile? The solar engineer will conduct a detailed assessment of your energy consumption. He will check the number of lights, fans, ACs, machines, heavy equipment at your premises and estimate their energy consumption, individually and collectively. Based on this he will draw up a detailed energy consumption profile which tells you the size of the solar PV system needed.

Contact us if you have more questions. We are also happy to send you the best quotes from the 3 leading solar companies in your area in Gujarat.