Hot Temperature effect on Commercial Solar System


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Does Hot Temperature In Most Areas Of Gujarat affect Performance Of Commercial Solar Systems? Does The Solar System Perform Better in Summer or Winter and Why? With Temperature Rise What Is the Affect On Solar Cells Performance And With Temperature Going Below 25 Degrees What Is Affect?

As a business owner in Gujarat, you know how hot the temperature can get around here, especially during the summer. There is a popular misconception that solar systems work best during the hottest days of the summer. This is not really the case.

Yes, since the sun is out for more hours during the summer, you will get access to more sunlight during the summer. But the efficiency of the solar panels actually diminishes with an increase in temperature. Solar panels actually perform better and more efficiently during the cooler winter months.

Hot temperatures can diminish the efficiency of the solar panels. This means less output for PV cells, and the loss is measured in terms of a “temperature coefficient” by solar panel manufacturers, which varies from model to model.

That is one reason why solar panels in Gujarat are made differently from those in say the UK or Sweden. These panels are much thinner and have a high-temperature coefficient rating. This ensures that they remain efficient even over high temperatures.

What about winters in Gujarat? It may surprise you that the solar panels work very well during the winter season in Gujarat, even when temperatures drop to below 25 degrees Celsius.

Of course, if there is a cloud cover that might have a negative impact on the production of solar energy. The sun is also out for fewer hours during the winter, and this might lead to a lower energy output, but not by much.

Generally, solar panels perform at their highest efficiency in the range between 15 °C and 35 °C. So if the temperatures go below 25 °C, you don’t have to worry about the loss of energy output. You will do fine regardless.

The solar engineer will install the solar panel in the right spot and make sure that the mounting is done perfectly. They make sure that the solar panel gets as much of the sun as possible, and is at the right tilt for that.

They ensure that the solar panels are not attached too close to the roof, which could hamper their efficiency and there is enough space for air flow below and over the panels to keep them cool.

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