Different Types of Ground Mounted Solar Systems


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What are the Different Types of Ground Mount Systems Available?

Ground mounted solar systems are very popular in Gujarat. The reason for this is that in many cities, towns and villages in Gujarat, the rooftop space on homes, buildings, and apartments are very limited. Also, many of the roofs are not structurally solid enough to hold these systems.

Installing a ground mount system means you don’t have to alter the roof by any means. You can leverage the space that is available to you and maximize the exposure to sunlight.

Plus, you can ensure that the solar panels get sufficient air circulation.  Ground mount systems are much easier to maintain and are very much scalable. That is another thing that goes in their favor.

 That’s why a number of commercial solar installations in Gujarat feature ground mount systems. There are different methods of installing ground mount systems. Let’s take a look.

  1. Traditional Systems – These standard ground mount systems are anchored to the ground and they have many panels stacked close together. Solar panels are just as easy to install on the ground as they are on the rooftop. Just make sure that there are no trees close by that block the sunlight. They are relatively cheap as well. However, you will have to manually adjust the panels once in a while to get the most sunlight.
  2. Polar Mount Systems or Tracking Systems – These ground mount systems are poles mounted. The panels are elevated at a height above the ground level. The panels have tracker attached to them which move in the direction of the sunlight. They follow the direction of the sun and are powered by an electric motor. Tracking systems do the adjustments of the panels automatically, so you don’t have to do a thing. However, they are more expensive than the traditional ground mounted systems.
  3. Carports & Floating Systems – This is a new type of ground mount system where solar carports are used to carry the solar panels. These are mobile vehicles which can be taken to anywhere you want. The carports are equipped with electric vehicle chargers. You can also have canal systems which float on water. While these systems are not anchored to the ground they are similar to ground-mounted systems in more ways than one.

 Contact us for more information on ground mount systems or any type of commercial solar installation for your business in Gujarat. We are happy to send you the best quotes from the top 3 solar installers in your area.