Can Solar System Generate High Voltage Power for my Business?


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I have high Voltage Powerline at my business. Can solar Power still be useful for my business? Do I need to add any extra equipment?

Do you have a high voltage power line close to your business? What are the things to consider when installing a commercial solar plant at a place which has a high voltage power line close by? Should you get any additional equipment?  More importantly, will the solar power be of any use to you?

Yes, to begin with, having a solar power plant installed at your commercial premises is certainly very helpful. It will help you save electricity as you will be able to use solar power during the day and the power from the grid at night.

 You can feed the excess electricity generated from the solar power plant back into the grid, which will help you save up to Rs. 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs every year on your electricity bill, depending on the size of the facility.

Now, there are a few technological challenges that a solar engineer has to deal with when installing a solar PV system at a place that is close to a high voltage line.

First, you should know that it is the job of the inverter to send the excess power from the solar PV system back to the grid. But when the voltage from the grid is very high, your inverter has to send out a much higher voltage than that of the grid, in order to send the power back.

 This is not a big issue, as you can always raise the inverter voltage to any extent you want, even if the grid voltage is high. But there are rules in place in some countries that the inverter voltage should not be higher than 255V. While this rule is not strictly followed in India, it is wise to follow it anyway.

So if the grid voltage is higher than 255V then you should buy a special inverter with customized settings, which has been specially made for such conditions. These inverters adjust easily to the high voltage and shut off automatically when the voltage increases beyond a point, and come back online when it becomes normal again.

This ensures that your machinery and equipment are properly protected and there is no damage of any sort. You are welcome to contact us for more information on the best inverters and solar systems for areas with high voltage power lines.