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Grid Approval from Energy Distributor for Solar System

Who would take care of obtaining grid approval for the solar installation from Energy Distributor in Gujarat? Does getting an approval involve a lot of technical things and a lot of paperwork?

To begin with, the entire process related to getting the grid approval for the solar installation from your energy distributor in Gujarat will be taken care of by the solar company itself. You don’t have to do a thing. They handle all the paperwork related to the application process and all you have to do is to sign the forms.

Does GEDA need to give the approval as well?

Yes, you will have to get an approval from GEDA, this is very important. Again, everything related to this is taken care of by the solar company.

Under the ‘Gujarat Solar Power Policy – 2015′ which is operational till 2020, the Gujarat government provides a number of incentives and benefits to boost solar installations by residential homeowners and business owners.

Residential homeowners can avail of a subsidy of Rs. 10,000 per kW, or a maximum of Rs. 20,000 per person. This subsidy is disbursed through GEDA, for which you have to apply for.

What is the general process? How long it takes to get approval?

 Let us quickly explain the rooftop application process in Gujarat and how it works.

#1: The Registration of Rooftop Plant is the first step. Get the form GEDA first. This can take 5 days.

#2: Approval from the Chief Electrical Inspector (CEI) is next. The CEI approves the Single line diagram, details of modules and inverter and the earthing diagrams. This takes about 10 days.

#3: Next, fill up the application forms from your power distributor, whether it is DGVCL / PGVCL / Torrent. Just follow the links to get the form.

#4: The next step is to get the Technical Feasibility Report (TFR) approved by your Discom. This will take about 15 days to get.

#5: The Discom offers consent for connectivity following which a set fee has to be paid to them within 30 days.

#6: This is followed by the signing of connectivity agreement. Check this form. This process takes 15 to 30 days.

#7: The Discom then issues a letter to you for the completion of project work.

So the whole process of getting an approval can take about 3 months. Following this, the actual work on the solar power plant installation starts. The construction should be completed in 6 months.

This is followed by the commissioning of the plant, which should take place within 2 months. The commissioning certificate is issued by GEDA and the Discom together.

Contact us to know more about the process and to get the best quotes from the leading solar companies in your area.


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