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Commercial Solar Companies

Why Is Commercial Solar System Only Installed By Few Companies As Compared To Residential Solar System Installers Are Many?

There are a number of solar companies in Gujarat, and most of them are capable of installing home solar PV systems, which cost between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 80,000. But not all solar companies are capable of commercial solar system installation, which is far more expensive.

Commercial solar system installation is very complex, far more capital intensive and has so many things to consider. There are only a few companies in Gujarat that are capable of handling the commercial solar installation for businesses and industries. Let’s understand why.

To begin with, you need electrical engineers and solar engineers for designing a customized solar system based on your business requirements.

A model of the solar system has to be constructed based on a detailed feasibility study. The layout is clearly laid out with a single line diagram and a detailed design of the solar PV system is drawn.

There are other things to consider such as the voltage and the Amp. The installer will also need to take care of things such as the load distribution. They will need to do detailed calculations on the thickness of the solar cables and the other material used in the installation.

A lot of work is done on the mounting system. Care should be taken to choose the right mounting system, especially for high rise buildings or for areas that see a lot of windy conditions. The structural stability of the roof and the roof space is also considered when choosing the mounting system.

This is followed by the selection and installation of the right inverters, which should be of a size and capacity that is suitable for the commercial solar installation. For example, the inverters should have the capability to shut off automatically if the voltage rises beyond a certain point.

The solar company then handles all the paperwork related to getting the approval from the government, as well as approvals from the Discoms, energy retailers and distributors. They handle the paperwork related to the commissioning of the solar power system by GEDA.

As you can see, the solar company specializing in commercial solar installations does a lot of work and employs a number of specialists to handle a wide variety of tasks. That is why you should choose to go with the very best.

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