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Best Roof Angle for Commercial Solar System

What Roof Is Angle Best To Install Solar Panels In Gujarat?

When installing a solar PV system, one of the things you will want to know is what is the right angle or orientation for solar panels in Gujarat.

Solar panels are installed differently in different locations around the world. The goal is to make sure that they are facing the sun directly as much as possible throughout the day.

The angle also depends on the orientation of the panel – whether it is towards the North, South, East or West. In India, and in states like Gujarat, the orientation of the solar panel has to be towards the south.

This means they should be south facing. This is how the panels can make the most of the movement of the sun and benefit from the solar energy as much as possible.

The tilt of the solar panels in Gujarat should be around 20 to 22 degree. This is midway between the tilt recommended for a place in South India such as Cochin, where the tilt should be 10-12 degree, and in a city in North India such as Delhi, where the recommended tilt should be 28- 30.

Is it best to install flat panels on the roof or tilt it as per recommendations provided?

Ideally, the solar panels should be at a perpendicular angle to the sun- that is, at 90°. This ensures that the panel gets to access the highest amount of energy.

But the sun is not always directly above the solar panels and moves across the hemisphere in different angles. That is why it is important to tilt the solar panels accordingly even when you are installing it on a flat roof.

What efficiency would solar system lose if installing on a flat roof?  If panels are tilted on the flat roof then how much space do we need to leave between the two rows?

The solar panel does lose a lot of efficiencies if you install it flat instead of tilting it at a proper angle at which it will get as much of the sun as possible.

Essentially, the tilt should be equal to your latitude plus 15 degrees in winter or equal to the latitude minus 15 degrees in summer. Tilting the panels can increase their efficiency by 4% if you do it correctly.

 What is suitable if I have limited roof space and have high bills, should I install panels flat or tilt it?

As far as possible, tilt the panels, as it leads to higher efficiency. You are welcome to ask us your questions on this on other things related to the commercial solar installation. Just fill up this contact form. We will also send you the best quotes from 3 solar companies from your city.


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