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Commercial Solar System Project Process

What Is The Entire Process For Commercial Solar System Projects?

Are you planning to get a commercial solar system installed on your business premises? That is a wise decision. You can potentially save several lakhs of rupees in electricity bills by installing a solar power system.

Here is a look at the entire process for the installation of the commercial solar.

First, contact us so that we can send the best quotes from the 3 best solar companies in your area, wherever you are in Gujarat. Once you choose a company, they will get in touch with you and send an engineer to do the feasibility study.

Feasibility Study – During the feasibility study, the solar engineer spends time trying to understand your needs. They do a survey of your premises, the number of machinery, electrical equipment, lights, fans, etc. at your facility and consider the roof space available, slope and structural stability of the roof and so on. Only then they propose a customized solar system that takes into consideration your specific requirements.

System design and engineering – Based on the feasibility study, the solar engineer draws out a detailed layout for the system. The system design and engineering are planned in a very meticulous manner before the actual construction or installation of the solar plant. It takes into consideration various factors such as your budget, roof space, tilt angle, windy conditions and so on.

Financial modeling – The next step is the financial modeling. During this stage, you will know the cost of the solar plant and will be given various options for financing the installation of the solar PV system such as paying by cash, taking a bank loan or renting the solar power plant from the solar company on a fixed monthly fee or installments.

Construction of the Solar PV Project – Once the system design and engineering is done, the engineers arrive at your premises at a chosen time and build and install the solar PV system. It takes them a few days to complete the construction and they make sure that everything is done perfectly.

 Commissioning of the Solar Project – This is followed by the commissioning of the plant, which should take place within 2 months of the completion of the construction. The commissioning certificate is issued by GEDA and the Discom together.

Monitoring and Maintenance and Project Management – The solar company’s work does not end with the installation. They are also responsible for monitoring and maintenance of the solar PV system and the project management. They make sure that the systems are working efficiently and provide your staff with tips on its maintenance and upkeep. They can be contacted any time if you have an issue.

 Call us to know more or to have the best quotes sent to you from 3 leading companies in your area in Gujarat for the commercial solar installation.


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